Software on the ADC CD

This software directory contains several subdirectories with software that may be useful for using the catalogs on this CD-ROM.

Program OS Descriptions Files
AURORA [MS-DOS,WINDOWS] 1 Gigabyte files will fit in this editor. Ideal for viewing large catalogs. SHAREWARE! aareadme.txt
'aurora' zip file
BBEDIT [Macintosh] A copyrighted freeware text editor. BBEdit Installer
BROWSER [Macintosh] FITS and normal editor. SHAREWARE! Browser Installer
FIND [MS-DOS] Program in Quick-basic to select and extract records from the ASCII text versions of the catalogs. FREE. 'find' QBasic file
FTB [MS-DOS, Unix, VMS] Fits Table Browser. FREE. aareadme.txt
compressed unix tarfile
self-extracting ftb zip file for MS-DOS
curses package (DOS) - zip file
MS-DOS version as zip file
FTB Users Guide
FTB Users Guide in HTML

Adopted from the readme file of the software directory on the ADC CD, Vol.2
C. Kronberg --- 96/10/12 ---