Listing of the ADC Selected Astronomical Catalogs
Vol. 2

What is available:

ASTROM 16 catalogs of astrometric and positional data.
COMBINED 7 catalogs of combined and derived data.
CROSSID 3 catalogs of cross identifications.
MISC 5 catalogs of miscellaneous data.
NONSTELL 35 catalogs of nonstellar and extended objects.
PHOTOM 23 catalogs of photometric data.
SPECTRO 25 catalogs of spectroscopic data.

In detail:



      Astrographic Catalog Reference Stars, Corbin, T.E. and Urban, S.E.
         1991, U.S. Naval Observatory


      AGK3 Catalogue, Dieckvoss, W. and Heckmann, O. 1975, Hamburg-Bergedorf


      Fourth Fundamental Catalogue and Supplement, Fricke, W. and Kopff, A. A.
         1963, Veroff. Astron. Rechen-Inst., Heidelberg, No. 10, 11


      Fifth Fundamental Catalogue, Fricke, W., Schwan, H., and Lederle, T.
         1988, Veroff. Astron. Rechen-Inst., Heidelberg, No. 32


      General Catalogue of 33342 Stars for the Epoch 1950, Boss, B. 1937,
         Carnegie Inst. of Washington


      International Reference Stars, Corbin, T.E. 1991, U.S. Naval Observatory


      JPL Ephemerides for 1960-2000, Mean Equator and Equinox B1950.0,
         Standish Jr., E.M. 1985, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

      JPL Ephemerides for 1960-2000, Mean Equator and Equinox J2000.0,
         Standish Jr., E.M. 1982, A&A, 114, 297


      New Luyten Catalogue of Stars with Proper Motions Larger than Two Tenths
         of an Arcsecond, Luyten, W.J. 1979, 1980, University of Minnesota


      General Catalogue of Trigonometric Stellar Parallaxes, Preliminary
         Version, van Altena, W.F., Lee, J.T. and Hoffleit, D. 1991, Yale
         University Observatory


      Perth 70, Positions of 24900 Stars, Hog, E. and von der Heide, J. 1976,
         Abh. der Hamburger Sternw., Band IX, 15


      Perth 75, A Catalogue of Positions of 2589 FK4 and FK4S Stars,
         Nikoloff, I. and Hog, E. 1982, Perth Observatory


      Lowell Proper Motion Survey, Northern Hemisphere, Giclas, H.L., Burnham
         Jr., R., and Thomas, N.G. 1971, Lowell Obs., Flagstaff, AZ


      Catalogue of Positions and Proper Motions, Northern Part, Roser, S. and
         Bastian, U. 1988, A&AS, 74, 449

      Catalogue of Positions and Proper Motions, Southern Part, Roser, S.
         et al. 1991, Astronomisches Rechen-Institut


      Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog, SAO Staff 1966,
         Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory


      Washington Catalog of Visual Double Stars 1984.0, Worley, C.E. and
         Douglass, G.G. 1984, U. S. Naval Obs., Washington


      Yale Zone Catalogues - Integrated Version, Yale University 1939-1983,
         Trans. Astron. Obs. Yale Univ., 11-32

                           COMBINED AND DERIVED DATA


      Fourth Catalog of Orbits of Visual Binary Stars, Worley, C.E. and Heintz,
         W.D. 1983, Publ. U. S. Naval Obs. (2) 24, Part VII


      The Bright Star Catalogue, 4th Revised Edition, Hoffleit, D. 1982, Yale
         University Observatory [with the collaboration of C. Jaschek]


      A Supplement to the Bright Star Catalogue, Hoffleit, D., Saladyga, M.,
         and Wlasuk, P. 1983, Yale University Obs.


      The Bright Star Catalogue, 5th Revised Edition, Preliminary Version,
         Hoffleit, D. and Warren, W. 1991, Yale University Observatory


      Catalogue of Nearby Stars, 3rd Edition, Gliese, W. and Jahreiss, H. 1991,
         Veroff. Astron. Rechen-Inst. Heidelberg


      Eighth Catalogue of the Orbital Elements of Spectroscopic Binary Systems,
         Batten, A.H., Fletcher, J.M., and MacCarthy, D.G. 1989, Publ. DAO, 17


      Catalogue of Stars within 25 Parsecs of the Sun, Woolley, R.v.d.R.,
         et al. 1970, Royal Obs. Ann. 5

                             CROSS IDENTIFICATIONS


      Catalogue of HD, HDE and DM Identifications for Stars in Open Clusters,
         Mermilliod, J.-C. 1986, A&AS 63, 293


      SAO/J2000/HD/DM/GC Cross Index, Roman, N.G. 1991, Astronomical Data


      WDS/DM/HD/ADS Cross Index, Roman, N.G. 1987, Astronomical Data Center

                              MISCELLANEOUS DATA


      Catalogue of Constellation Boundary Data, Davenhall, A.C. and Leggett,
         S.K. 1989


      A Finding List for Observers of Interacting Binary Systems, 5th ed.,
         Wood, F.B., et al. 1980, Publ. Dept. of Astron., Univ. of Florida,
         Vol. I; Wood, F.B., et al. 1980, Publ. Univ. Pennsylvania, Astron.
         Ser., Vol. XII


      Second Catalog of Interferometric Measurements of Binary Stars,
         McAlister, H.A. and Hartkopf, W.I. 1988, Center for High Resolution
         Angular Astronomy, Georgia State Univ., CHARA Contrib. No. 2


      Identification List of Lines in Stellar Spectra, Moore, C.E. 1959, NBS
         Tech. Note 36, Finding List from "A Multiplet Table of Astrophysical
         Interest"; Gratton, L. and Querci, F. , tape version


      National Geographic Society and Palomar Observatory Sky Survey Catalogue
         of Plates, National Geographic Society and Palomar Observatory 1960


                                Active Galaxies


      A New Optical Catalog of Quasi-Stellar Objects, Hewitt, A. and Burbidge,
         G.R. 1989, ApJS, 63, 1


      A Catalogue of Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei (4th Edition),
         Veron-Cetty, M.-P. and Veron, P. 1989, ESO Scientific Report, No. 7


      Seyfert Galaxies, Weedman, D.W. 1977, ARAAp, 15, 69; Weedman, D.W. 1978,
         MNRAS, 184, 11P



      Asteroids II Machine-Readable Data Base - Version March 1988, Binzel, R.
         P. et al., eds. 1989, Univ. of Arizona Press

                        Star Clusters and Associations


      Catalogue of Star Clusters and Associations, Supplement 1, Associations,
         Ruprecht, J., Balazs, B., and White, R.E. 1981, Akademiai Kiado, Publ.
         House Hungarian Acad. Sciences, Budapest


      Catalogue of Star Clusters and Associations. II. Globular Clusters,
         Ruprecht, J., Balazs, B., and White, R.E. 1981, Akademiai Kiado, Publ.
         House Hungarian Acad. Sciences, Budapest


      Catalogue of Open Cluster Data, 5th Edition, Lynga, G. 1987, Lund


      Catalogue of Star Clusters and Associations, Alter, G., Ruprecht, J., and
         Vanysek, V. 1970; Kluke, J., et al. 1975, prepared selected data from
         original catalog

                       Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies


      Catalogue of Abell and Zwicky Clusters of Galaxies, Abell, G.O. 1958,
         ApJS, 3, 211; Zwicky, F., et al. 1961-68, Catalogue of Galaxies and of
         Clusters of Galaxies, Pasadena: California Institute of Technology,
         6 volumes


      Catalogue of Galaxies and of Clusters of Galaxies, I-VI, Zwicky, F. et
         al. 1960-1968, (Pasadena: California Institute of Technology)


      The ESO/Uppsala Survey of the ESO(B) Atlas, Lauberts, A. 1982, European
         Southern Observatory


      Cataloged Galaxies and Quasars Observed in the IRAS Survey, Version 2,
         Infrared Processing and Analysis Center 1989


      IRAS Small Scale Structure Catalog, Helou, G. and Walker, D.W. 1985, Jet
         Propulsion Laboratory


      Morphological Catalog of Galaxies, Vorontsov-Velyaminov, B.A. et al.
         1962-1968, Trudy Gos. Astron. Inst. Shternberga


      Compilation of the Fifth Volume of Morphological Catalogue of Galaxies,
         Kogoshvili, N.G. 1987, Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory


      Merged Catalogue of Galaxies, Kogoshvili, N.G. 1986


      Catalogue of Markarian Galaxies, Markarian, B.E. et al. 1967-1977,
         Astrofis, 3-13


      NGC 2000.0, The Complete New General Catalogue and Index Catalogue of
         Nebulae and Star Clusters by J.L.E. Dreyer, Edited by Sinnott, R.W.
         1988, Sky Publishing Corporation and Cambridge University Press


      Second Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies, de Vaucouleurs, G., de
         Vaucouleurs, A., and Corwin Jr., H.G. 1976, Univ. of Texas Press,


      CfA Redshift Catalogue, Huchra, J.P. 1990, Harvard-Smithsonian Center
         for Astrophysics


      A Catalogue of Rich Clusters of Galaxies, Abell, G.O., Corwin Jr., H.G.,
         and Olowin, R.P. 1989, ApJS, 70, 1


      Revised New General Catalogue of Nonstellar Astronomical Objects,
         Sulentic, J.W. and Tifft, W.G. 1973, Univ. of Arizona Press


      A Revised Shapley-Ames Catalog of Bright Galaxies, Sandage, A. and
         Tammann, G.A. 1981, Carnegie Inst. of Washington Publ. 635


      Uppsala General Catalogue of Galaxies, Nilson, P. 1973, Uppsala Ann. 6

                        Nebulae and Supernova Remnants


      Catalogue of Bright Nebulae, Lynds, B.T. 1965, ApJS, 12, 163


      Catalogue of Dark Nebulae, Lynds, B.T. 1962, ApJS, 7, 1


      Strasbourg Catalog of Galactic Planetary Nebulae, Acker, A., Marcout, J.,
         and Ochsenbein, F. 1980, CDS Bull. No. 18, p. 84


      Catalogue of Reflection Nebulae, van den Bergh, S. 1966, AJ, 71, 990


      A Catalogue of H II Regions, Sharpless, S. 1959, ApJS, 4, 257


      A Revised Reference Catalogue of Galactic Supernova Remnants, Green, D.A.
         1988, Ap&SS, 148, 3; Green, D.A. 1991, PASP, in press

                                 Radio Sources


      The Fourth Cambridge Survey of Radio Sources, Pilkington, J.D.H. and
         Scott, P.F. 1965, MmRAS, 69, 183; Gower, J.F.R., Scott, P.F., and
         Wills, D. 1967, MmRAS, 71, 49


      A Catalogue of Extragalactic Radio Source Identifications, Veron-Cetty,
         M.-P. and Veron, P. 1983, A&AS, 53, 219

                                 X-Ray Sources


      Second Ariel X-Ray Catalogue, Cooke, B.A., et al. 1978, MNRAS, 182, 489


      The Ariel Catalogue of X-Ray Sources, Warwick, R.S., et al. 1981, MNRAS,
         197, 865; McHardy, I.M., et al. 1981, MNRAS, 197, 893


      Fourth UHURU X-Ray Catalogue, Forman, W., et al. 1978, ApJS, 38, 357

                               PHOTOMETRIC DATA


      UBVRIJKLMNH Photoelectric Photometric Catalogue, Morel, M. and Magnenat,
         P. 1978, A&AS, 34, 477


      13-Color Photometry of 1380 Bright Stars, Johnson, H.L. and Mitchell,
         R.I. 1975, Rev. Mex. Astron. Astrof., 1, 299


      ANS Ultraviolet Photometry Catalogue of Point Sources, Wesselius, P.R.,
         et al. 1982, A&AS, 49, 427


      Catalog of Infrared Observations, Gezari, D.Y., Schmitz, M., and Mead,
         J.M. 1987, NASA Ref. Pub. 1196


      Dearborn Observatory Catalogue of Faint Red Stars, Lee, O.J., et al.
         1943-47, Ann. Dearborn Obs., 5


      General Catalogue of Variable Stars, 4th Edition, Kholopov, P.N., et al.
         1985-1988, Moscow: Nauka Publishing House


      Stars Measured in the Geneva Photometric System, 4th Edition, Rufener,
         1988, Observatoire de Geneve


      The Hubble Space Telescope Guide Star Photometric Catalog, Lasker, B.M.,
         et al. 1988, ApJS, 68, 1


      IRAS Faint Source Catalog, |b| > 10 deg, Version 2.0, Moshir, M., et al.
         1989, Infrared Processing and Analysis Center


      IRAS Catalog of Point Sources, Version 2.0, Infrared Processing and
         Analysis Center 1986 October


      IRAS Serendipitous Survey Catalog, Infrared Processing and Analysis
         Center 1986 December


      UBVRI Photometric Standard Stars Around the Celestial Equator, Landolt,
         A.U. 1983, AJ, 88, 439


      Photoelectric Photometric Catalogue in the Johnson UBVRI System, Lanz, T.
         1986, A&AS, 65, 195


      Photometric Data for the Nearby Stars, Hauck, B. and Mermilliod, M. 1981,
         CDS Bull., No. 21, p. 35


      New Catalogue of Suspected Variable Stars, Kukarkin, B.V., et al. 1982,
         Moscow: Nauka Publishing House


      Revised AFGL Infrared Sky Survey Catalog and Supplement, Price, S.D. and
         Murdock, T.L. 1983, Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, AFGL-TR-83-0161


      Revised S201 Catalog of Far-Ultraviolet Objects, Page, T.L., Carruthers,
         G.R., and Heckathorn, H.M. 1982, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Report


      Catalogue of Stellar Ultraviolet Fluxes, Sky Survey Telescope (S2/68)
         aboard the ESRO satellite TD-1, Thompson, G.I., et al. 1978, Science
         Research Council, UK


      Two-Micron Sky Survey, Neugebauer, G. and Leighton, R.B. 1969, NASA


      UBV Photoelectric Photometry Catalogue, Mermilliod, J.-C. 1986


      Catalogue of Homogeneous Measurements in the UBV System, Mermilliod,
         J.-C. 1991, Institut d'Astronomie, Lausanne


      Catalogue of UBV Photometry and MK Spectral Types in Open Clusters,
         Mermilliod, J.-C. 1986, CDS Bull. No. 31, p. 175


      uvby,beta Photoelectric Photometric Catalog, Hauck and Mermilliod 1990,
         A&AS, 86, 107.

                              SPECTROSCOPIC DATA


      Catalogue, Spectrum and Magnitude Data Bank of Be, Bp and Bpe Stars,
         Page, A.A. 1984, Mt. Tamborine Obs.


      Catalog of Be Stars, Jaschek, M. and Egret, D. 1982, IAU Symp. 98, 261


      A General Catalog of Cool Galactic Carbon Stars, 2nd Edition, Stephenson,
         C.B. 1989, Publ. Warner & Swasey Obs., 3, No. 2


      Catalogue of Early-Type Stars Whose Spectra Have Shown Emission Lines,
         Wackerling, L.R. 1970, MmRAS, 73, 153


      A Catalogue of [Fe/H] Determinations, 1984 Edition, Cayrel de Strobel,
         G., et al. 1985, A&AS, 59, 145


      Henry Draper Catalogue and Extension 1, Cannon, A.J. and Pickering, E.C.
         1918-1924, Harv. Ann. 91-99; Cannon, A.J. 1925-1936, Harv. Ann. 100


      IUE Low-Dispersion Spectra Reference Atlas. I. Normal Stars, Heck, A., et
         al. 1984, ESA SP-1052


      IUE Atlas of O-Type Stellar Spectra from 1200 to 1900 Angstroms, Walborn,
         N.R., Nichols-Bohlin, J., and Panek, R.J. 1985, NASA Ref. Publ. 1155


      Luminous Stars in the Northern Milky Way, Hardorp, J., et al. 1959, Vol.
         I. (Hamburg-Bergedorf); Nassau, J.J., Stephenson, C.B., and
         MacConnell, D.J. 1965, Vol. VI. (Hamburg-Bergedorf)


      Michigan Catalogue of 2-Dimensional Spectral Types for the HD Stars,
         Vol. 1, Houk, N. and Cowley, A.P. 1975, U. Michigan

      Michigan Catalogue of 2-Dimensional Spectral Types for the HD Stars,
         Vol. 2, Houk, N. 1978, U. Michigan

      Michigan Catalogue of 2-Dimensional Spectral Types for the HD Stars,
         Vol. 3, Houk, N. 1982, U. Michigan

      Michigan Catalogue of 2-Dimensional Spectral Types for the HD Stars,
         Vol. 4, Houk N. and Smith-Moore, M. 1988, Univ. Michigan


      Catalogue of Stellar Spectra Classified in the Morgan-Keenan System,
         Jaschek, C., Conde, H., and de Sierra, A.C. 1964, La Plata Obs., Ser.
         Astron., 28, No. 2


      MK Classification Extension, Morris-Kennedy, P. 1983, Mt. Stromlo Obs.


      General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities, Wilson, R.E. 1953,
         Carnegie Inst. Washington Publ., 601


      Revised Catalogue of Stellar Rotational Velocities, Uesugi, A. and
         Fukuda, I. 1982, Department of Astronomy, Kyoto University


      Stellar Spectrophotometric Atlas 3130-10800 A, Gunn, J.E. and Stryker,
         L.L. 1983, ApJS, 52, 121


      A Catalog of Stellar Spectrophotometry, Adelman, S.J., et al. 1989, A&AS,
         81, 221


      A Library of Stellar Spectra, Jacoby, G.H., Hunter, D.A., and Christian,
         C.A. 1984, ApJS, 56, 257


      Spectrophotometric Standards, Massey, P. et al. 1988, ApJ, 328, 315


      General Catalogue of S Stars, Stephenson, C.B. 1976, Publ. Warner &
         Swasey Obs. 2, No. 2


      Ultraviolet Bright Star Spectrophotometric Catalogue, Jamar, C., et al.
         1976, ESA SR-27


      Supplement to the Ultraviolet Bright Star Spectrophotometric Catalogue,
         Macau-Hercot, D., et al. 1978, ESA SR-28


      A Catalog of Spectroscopically Identified White Dwarfs, 3rd Edition,
         McCook, G.P. and Sion, E.M. 1987, ApJS, 65, 603