Christine Kronberg

If you need my postal address please contact me via email. Thank you.


Current Work:
  • Consultant for Computer and Network Security
  • Project Management
  • System Administration (SUN, HP)
  • Network Administration
  • WWW Management
  • Current Webprojects:
    The Munich Astro Archive

    By the way: Interested in some fun ? I've collected several stories about what people do to computers, system managers experiences and what poeple have to face when buying a computer in my DAU Stories and received a nice collection about "definitions" in computer sciences. And, dear user, before you think about an upgrade from girlfriend 3.1 you should consider reading this.
    Also, upgrading from boyfriend 5.0 may lead to some minor limitations in the functionality.

    Other playgrounds:
    I'm every now and then busy in filling an MD5/SHA256/Tiger hash database. Its getting on now at (Outdated)

    And now to the new times:

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