SL9 MPEG Movies

Please note that you need the mpeg software to run this movies.
Have fun and enjoy.

  • Animation of the A impact

    (size: 550 KB)

    This is a beta release of a movie (in MPEG format) of the Fragment A collision from Saturday 16/07/94. It consists of 55 frames taken on Calar Alto (Spain).

    The bright object to the right is the closest Galilean satellite Io, moving slowly towards Jupiter. The fainter oval structure in the southern hemisphere is the well-known Great Red Spot. The impact appears above the southeast (lower left) limb of the planet.
    The bright spots near the Great Red Spot appearing in some frames are not real, but bad pixels, they will be corrected in the final release of the movie.
    (Contact: Mark McCaughrean, Email: )

  • This next animation is a rendering sequence done by John Spencer from Lowell Observatory. The image frames were rendered on an Amiga and then assembled into an mpeg from 640 x 480 TIFF files.
    The animation shows the view of the impacts from "behind" the comet train. The animation covers 12 hours on July 20, 1994.
    Some of the information may be dated as it was created a while ago, but it is still an enjoyable show...
    There are two versions available - a full resolution 640 x 480 version (1220K), and a half-size 320 x 240 version (394K) for slower computers.

  • This impact animation was created from the 16 image SAAO of the Fragment A impact. Courtesy of Charles Henrich.

  • An Animation of a Simulated SL-9 Impact was created at Caltech. Click here for more information on how the animation was created.

  • An animation of an impact simulation (1,4 MB).

  • Two animations from SAAO:
    Anim 1 and Anim 2

  • An animation made from ESO pictures of the H impact.

  • An animation made from pictures taken from KECK of the R impact (1,1 MB).

  • A Fragment E Impact Animation using SPIREX images (291K).

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