The Munich Archive Astromaps

Below you find links to the different parts of the sky. These links lead to imagemaps.
Note: Due to the "fun" with gif images MAA is in the process of removing all gif images. Below now there are two entries to the imagemaps: the old gif ones and newly created jpegs. The jpegs are of better quality but they are a good deal larger (number of bytes) than the gifs. If you have problems with one the image type please drop me a line. Please contact me, too, if you encounter any other problems with this or the subsequent pages.
Usage: Choose the part of the sky you want to get displayed. Then just click on a star and information about this star or the region will be displayed. Currently only a small amount of starinfo is present, but the constellation information is completely linked to the maps.
You can also access the constellation pages directly.

The maps

Author: C. Kronberg --- (smil(at)clell.de)
Last modified: 27-Jan-2001